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What is Dropbox?

Dropbox is a well-known cloud service to store files online. The user can synchronize files from different computers and mobile devices simultaneously and share them with friends.

Dropbox synchronizes files between computers via the Dropbox client that uses the Internet. The Dropbox client is written in Python and is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Download Dropbox

Dropbox is free to Download for Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPhone, Linux and Windows Phone. By default you get 2GB free storage which you can upgrade anytime you want. Click the link below to download Dropbox
Download Dropbox

Dropbox Signup

Before you can start using Dropbox, you need to have a free or paid dropbox account. Signing up with Dropbox is easy and free. After signing up, you get the first 2GB for free.
Click here to sign up

Dropbox Windows

You can Download the Dropbox client for free for Windows. You need Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 or 8 (32- and 64-bit) ino order to be able to run Dropbox. You also need at least 512MB Ram.
Download Dropbox

Dropbox Android

Dropbox is also available for your mobile phone. With Dropbox for Android you can carry your files everywhere with you. Every Android phone with Android OS 2.1 (Eclair) or higher can run the app. You can download the app for free from the Play Store.
Download Dropbox

Dropbox iPhone

The App is also available for iPhone and iPad users. What you need to run the app on your iPhone:

  • iPhone or iPod Touch
  • iOS 5 or later
  • All video features require an iPhone 3GS or later model
  • An Apple ID to install the App

Download Dropbox

Dropbox Login

You can use the client to login to Dropbox or you can go to the website and login for there.
Login to Dropbox (click the sign in button)

Google Dropbox

Google Drive is a storage and synchronization service from Google. The service was launched on April 24, 2012 as part of Google Docs. Once activated, it replaces the Drive website through Google Docs docs.google.com by referring to drive.google.com. Google Drive is Googles answer to Dropbox.

Free Dropbox Storage

Free accounts get 2GB storage standard. This can be expanded by inviting friends or to subscribe. Paid accounts have a storage capacity of 50 GB or 100 GB. If other users are led to Dropbox one gets 500 MB of free storage for free accounts and 1 GB for paid accounts for every newly registered user. In total, one can get up to 16 GB of additional storage for free accounts and 32 GB for paid accounts. Read more about Free Storage.

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